Washington University CardioGene Set

Comprehensive genetic testing for arrhythmias and cardiomyopathies

SOMA Gene Set

Genomic profiling of Segmental Overgrowth, McCune Albright and related syndromes

Clinical Utility of Tumor Sequencing

Case studies demonstrating the utility of the Comprehensive Cancer Gene Set

Introducing improved cancer profiling

Expanded mutational analysis for solid tumors and hematopoietic disorders

Introducing Renal Disease Testing at Washington University

Genomic profiling by NGS for Alport Syndrome, aHUS, metabolic disorders and Nephrotic Syndrome

GPS: Navigating Genetic Disease, Steering Personalized Medicine

Washington University Genomics and Pathology Services (GPS@WUSTL) facilitates personalized medicine through an integrated approach to disease-specific genomic testing including the use of clinical Next Generation Sequencing. Disease focus areas include cancer, cardiac disease and renal disease. In addition, due to our extensive technological capabilities we can offer custom tests for clinical trials and clinical research.

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